Rosa Gonzalez

published What we Tether Our Intentions to Matters in Zine 2020-01-17 10:04:10 -0800

What We Tie Our Intentions to Matters

Million Person ProjectWhen I decided I wanted to write about facilitative leadership, I made a list of all the facilitators I know who are creating space for our creator selves to show up.  Julian Mocine-McQueen and Heather Box, two amazing humans and the founders of the Million Person Project, were high on my list. The first time the three of us had a chance to facilitate together was a storytelling workshop for organizers in South Africa at the UN Climate Talks.  Heather and Julian were in the early days of a journey around the globe to ignite the power of story with organizers building community power. And now, nine years later, they are on a journey around the US giving talks on their new book, How Your Story Sets You Free.

I had the chance to talk with Julian not too long ago about facilitation, storytelling, and what’s happening at the intersection of the two.  With ease and joyful laughter he broke down some deep shit. He is seeing a shift that I think a lot of us are seeing - a shift towards relationship, to be humans first before focusing in on a shared target.  Julian said... read more