How do we help people see their own gifts and put them into action for the common good? 

How do we cultivate creative collaboration between individuals and groups?  

How can leaders provide direction without taking over?

How do we manage conflict in ways that lead to breakthrough? 

Facilitative Leadership is the art of creating conditions that allow others to be their best selves in the pursuit of shared goals.  Facilitative leaders maximize the gifts and contributions of the group, and know when and how to step back.

There are six core beliefs and practices inspired by facilitative leadership that are at the heart of all Facilitating Power's offerings:

Core Beliefs Core Practices
Everyone holds a piece of the truth. Facilitate meaningful dialogue where the value of multiple perspectives is regarded. 
Infinite possibilities exist in every situation. Cultivate creative thinking, ideation, and innovation.
Meaningful relationships between individuals and among groups are essential to forward movement. Initiate time for people and organizations to share their stories, find shared values, and plan together.
Movement happens when people and institutions move thoughtfully between reflection and action. Promote a dynamic on-going relationship between informed action and critical reflection.
Process is just as important as content. Results are driven by good process.  Gracefully attend to both what the group is doing and how the group is doing it.  Design purposeful processes to achieve focused outcomes.
Long-term change happens when leaders are consistently building new leaders. Focus on building the capacity of individuals and groups to accomplish more on their own, and engage new leaders. 

There are two powerful methodologies that offer a wealth of tools for putting facilitative leadership into action in creative ways. When you combine facilitative leadership with Civic Theater and Popular Education methodologies, you find yourself -- FACILITATING POWER...

Civic Theater

Interactive situation-based processes for critical dialog & informed action

Popular Education

Creative problem solving through praxis (theory x practice).  Click here for Fundamental Practices of Popular Education for Community Organizing...


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