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February 06

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How to change text in Newsletter Ribbon Signup

February 20

How to change the Newsletter Ribbon Sign-Up

http://screencast.com/t/TNWc44ykyH (Video to go along with)



How to add/update testimonials

February 06
  1. Go to the NationBuilder admin dashboard.
  2. Go to Pages > Facilitating Power.
  3. Click on "Theme"
  4. Click on "Files"
  5. Click on "_testimonials.html"
  6. In the line above {% comment %}, paste the following:

<div class="quote" style="display:none;">
Paste the quote here
<div class="citation">Paste the person's name here<br><span class="job_title">Paste the person's job title here <a target="_blank" href="Paste the URL here (beginning with http)">Paste the organization here</a></span></div>

You will then want to paste in the information as indicated.


How to upload photos to your blog posts

February 06
  1. Once you’re in your backend, go to pages
  2. When in pages, click on the blog you want to upload a photo to.
  3. Once you are adding a new post, add your headline for the blog post
  4. If you want the blog to be live change the status to published and then click Create blog post
  5. When you are in your content you’ll notice you have a lot of options in that blog post’s navigation. If you click on files there you can upload the photo you want to use in your blog post.
  6. Go back to your content and wherever you want you photo, click on that area and then click the tiny photo button in the “writing navigation”.
  7. A tiny little browser will open called Insert/Edit Image, click where it says “Image List” (if you haven’t uploaded a photo then you won’t see this field)
  8. When you click there the dropdown should show the image you selected. You can resize by clicking on the image button again or you can drag and change the size manually.
  9. Go to your live site and you’ll see the image there.

How to add photos to your featured content slider

February 06
  1. When you log in to make changes on the back end you’ll need to go to the ‘NationBuilder Control Panel’ To do this, you’ll need to go to a back page first and then click on the NationBuilder Control Panel buttons on the right corner in the side navigation.
  2. At the top of the page in the back end of your nation hover over pages, and then click on your Nation “Facilitating Power”.
  3. From there, go to the page where you’d like to have your featured content slider (the scroller, slideshow) (There is a featured content slider on the info page/homepage)
  4. When you click on info, go to the setting tab (between dashboard and content)
  5. Once there beneath that navigation you’ll see Featured Content Sliders, click on that.
  6. There you will see you can add a Label, Action Text, Page to Feature and upload the image.
  7. You’ll want to add this info, and browse a photo. Make sure published is the status (unless you don’t want it to appear yet) and click the ‘Save featured content sliders’ button below

This is how you upload a photo to your featured content sliders


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