How to add/update testimonials

  1. Go to the NationBuilder admin dashboard.
  2. Go to Pages > Facilitating Power.
  3. Click on "Theme"
  4. Click on "Files"
  5. Click on "_testimonials.html"
  6. In the line above {% comment %}, paste the following:

<div class="quote" style="display:none;">
Paste the quote here
<div class="citation">Paste the person's name here<br><span class="job_title">Paste the person's job title here <a target="_blank" href="Paste the URL here (beginning with http)">Paste the organization here</a></span></div>

You will then want to paste in the information as indicated.

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Facilitating Power
We are dedicated to cultivating personal and collective power through innovative approaches to education and organizing that meet the demands of our shifting social climates

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