How to upload photos to your blog posts

  1. Once you’re in your backend, go to pages
  2. When in pages, click on the blog you want to upload a photo to.
  3. Once you are adding a new post, add your headline for the blog post
  4. If you want the blog to be live change the status to published and then click Create blog post
  5. When you are in your content you’ll notice you have a lot of options in that blog post’s navigation. If you click on files there you can upload the photo you want to use in your blog post.
  6. Go back to your content and wherever you want you photo, click on that area and then click the tiny photo button in the “writing navigation”.
  7. A tiny little browser will open called Insert/Edit Image, click where it says “Image List” (if you haven’t uploaded a photo then you won’t see this field)
  8. When you click there the dropdown should show the image you selected. You can resize by clicking on the image button again or you can drag and change the size manually.
  9. Go to your live site and you’ll see the image there.
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