Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership

August 04

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Seven Secrets to Facilitating Power

April 09

FacilitationSo many people I meet want to improve their skills as facilitators.  In talking to people though and seeing them in action, I don't get the sense they need to focus on hard skills like timekeeping and taking stack.  I think what people really want is to be able to unlock the transformative power of groups.  This is why I am writing a book!  Over 20 years of facilitation practice, I've learned a lot, reflected a lot, and distilled what I've learned into seven secrets that can help people not only navigate any facilitation challenge, but inspire others to turn towards each other and see themselves in new ways. The thing is, in the spirit of facilitating power, I want to turn this whole book-writing thing on its head, and I need your help! If any of this sounds exciting to you, please read on...


Popular Education Practices for Community Organizing

March 02

Every time we facilitate group learning, we have the chance to uncover our personal and collective power to change circumstances for the better.  Popular education practices shift dominant power dynamics by unraveling the 'expert paradigm' and tapping into the capacity of groups to develop their own solutions to the problems they face..


Start Simple but Profound

March 23

Dynamic presentationsThree Simple Techniques to Make PowerPoints and Panel Presentations More Participatory

Movement building depends on opportunities for the people who care about your cause to tighten their connection to each other.  Too often we miss these opportunities because we are focused on disseminating information.  Next time you are presenting at a conference or moderating a panel, use one or more of these simple engagement techniques to break-up the conventional format and incorporate moments for deeper engagement:

  1. Start with Stories

  2. Give Participants the Power to Survey

  3. Dynamize Q&A with Break-outs


Facilitating Power
We are dedicated to cultivating personal and collective power through innovative approaches to education and organizing that meet the demands of our shifting social climates

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