Healing Love: Into Balance

In November 2021, 20 months into the pandemic, Shiree Teng invited three of us to join her in Mexico to write the second chapter of the tool, Measuring Love in the Journey for Social and Racial Justice. Since the release of Measuring Love, the communities that inspired it experienced great loss. We felt deeply compelled to revisit the themes in Measuring Love and draw on them as we grappled with how to find our way amidst the wounds of the COVID pandemic, the climate crisis, and betrayal in our communities. What came forth is Healing Love: Into Balance, a visually gripping and poetic reflection on our capacity to love through crisis, metabolize pain and shame, and transform ourselves as we seek to transform wounding systems. So grateful to Shiree Teng, Audrey Jordan, and Kate Morales for allowing me to help create this offering. 


Illustrations by Kate Morales

If you read Measuring Love in the Journey for Social and Racial Justice previously, please start here with this note from Shiree to connect the two offerings.