A Thriving Culture of Participation

We are building a network of facilitative leaders with the tools, knowledge, and skills to foster authentic participation, collaborative governance, and community-driven leadership for a living democracy.

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We are all connected. And we will not survive the storms ahead from within systems based on separation and superiority. Facilitating Power partners with organizations and collaborative initiatives to uncover shared vision, values, and collective capacity to face our biggest challenges through deeper connection, collaboration, and community-driven leadership. 



We partner with organizations, networks, and collaborative initiatives to develop relevant tools that illuminate pathways and practices in the shift from marginalization to community-driven solutions. Click here to see all tools...

Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership

The Spectrum of Community Engagement to Ownership charts a pathway to strengthen and transform our local democracies.

El espectro de involucramiento para lograr la apropiación comunitaria traza un camino para fortalecer y transformar nuestras democracias locales y lo tenemos aquí en español

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Spectrum of Community & Family Involvement for Education Equity

The Spectrum of Family Engagement for Educational Equity is based on the Community Engagement to Ownership Spectrum. Haz clic aquí para esta herramienta en español. 

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Collaborative Data Analysis to Advance Equity Goals

Greenlink has provided 50 cities with interactive equity data maps to support equitable climate action planning. 

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