Spectrum of Community & Family Involvement for Education Equity

The Spectrum of Family Engagement for Educational Equity is based on the Community Engagement to Ownership Spectrum, which was created by Facilitating Power & Movement Strategy Center to chart a pathway towards racial equity and environmental justice through the shift from community engagement to community ownership, referencing Arnstein’s Ladder of Citizen Participation, the International Association of Public Participation’s Spectrum of Public Participation, and the work of grassroots organizing & advocacy groups working to hold local systems accountable to communities impacted by racial and environmental injustices. Social movements have been forging this pathway for generations. This tool simply offers guideposts along the way to support communities to make coordinated shifts towards educational equity.

Padres Unidos, a parent organizing group that was founded in 2016 to ensure parents on the east side of Salinas, CA (as well as across other school districts), have a voice in their students’ educational success, collaborated with Rosa González of Facilitating Power, to adapt the tool for use with school districts. This toolset is grounded in research on best practices in family/ community involvement.

To access the full tool, email [email protected]

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