Debra Camarillo and Susanna Armijo, National Comadres Network

Maestras, Susanna Armijo (left) and Debra Camarillo (right)We have worked with Facilitating Power (FP) since 2014. FP has helped to coordinate the annual planning of goals and objectives for the National Comadres Network. We have had the pleasure of working with Rosa Gonzalez who is a visionary with the gift of bringing ideas together. The brilliance of her assistance is the weaving of ideas into the manifestation of tangible steps of action that can become a reality. With her continued support and service, it has helped the National Comadres Network move forward, expand, and grow.

If you are an organization in need of assistance with vision capturing, strategic planning, and clarification of direction for your organization, FP is the professional organization that will assist you in accomplishing those objectives. What makes FP different from others is the personal attention and horning of those they work with. There is no imposition of their agenda but the uplifting and honoring of the organization.  For this reason, we continue to utilize the services of FP.